Registration and Payment Instructions

Please note that the following must be submitted before the registration closing date:

  1. Online registration*
  2. Completed application form for the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) and all necessary documents
  3. Course fee payment
If you have any queries, please email us at or call 9830-3165.

1. Workshop Registration

Complete the online sign-up form below.

*Please call us at 9830-3165 or email us at, if you are unable to register through the online sign-up form.

2. CTG Application

  • Download the CTG application form, then scan and email the completed form to us at (include your NRIC in the email as reference).
  • You will need to ensure your care recipient’s signature or fingerprint is on the form.
  • If your care recipient is 65 years and above, please submit the form with a copy (front and back) of the care recipient’s NRIC.
  • If your care recipient is below 65 years, he/she must produce a copy of a doctor’s memo/report indicating the disability or diagnosis, or an endorsement by a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) on the CTG Application Form.
  • For FDW participants, you need to submit a copy of your work permit/ MOM In-principal Approval/ passport.

Grant criteria

Caregivers can obtain $200 a year per care recipient to go for Caregivers training workshops that are approved by the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG). Caregivers who meet all of the following criteria are eligible for CTG funding:

i.) Care Recipients
– Must be a Singapore Citizen or PR

– Must be 65 years and above or be certified to have a disability by a doctor or is an existing client of a disability of Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

ii.) Caregivers
– Must be the main caregiver

– Must be an immediate family member (parents, sibling, spouse) or foreign domestic worker employed to look after the care recipient.

-If the caregiver (workshop participant) is not the immediate family member, the care recipient would have to declare in the grant form under the “Declaration for Non-Immediate Family Members” section, that he/she is the main caregiver.

– Attend and complete the CTG training courses (100% attendance)

Note that the grant is tied to the care recipient. Thus, if there is more than one caregiver taking care of the same person, they are all eligible for CTG but it is still capped at $200 per year. For example, if two caregivers care for Mr Lim, total grant is still $200 and not $400 as there is only one care recipient.

However, if the caregiver has more than one care recipient, this means the caregiver can obtain more than $200 grant. The caregiver would have to submit an application form for each care recipient they care for, to claim the grant amount tied to each care recipient.

For the full list of FAQs on CTG, click here.

Course Fees 

Course Fees

 Public  $100 per course
 With CTG subsidy, co-payment amount is $10*
 SCCL Member  $100 per course
 With CTG subsidy, co-payment amount is $10*

For SCCL members, amount payable after member discount is $5.

Co-payment amount is subject to eligibility and the remaining amount of the care recipient’s CTG which is capped at $200 per year.

Want to enjoy member’s rates and other privileges? Email us about membership at today!

Special Rates:

In line with SCCL’s social mission in caring for caregivers, we strive to allow for more people to benefit from our workshops.

We are pleased to provide the following special rates to participants who do not qualify for the CTG:

a) Trade unions, Co-operatives, SCCL Members & Referrals.

Enjoy a 20% discount when you register in a group of four participants @ $80/pax

b) General Public

Enjoy a 10% discount when you register as an early bird one week before the closing date for registration @ $90/pax.

3. Payment Methods

a) By bank transfer:

OCBC Current Account : 647-850353-001
Payment Detail: Caregiver Training

b) PayNow:

Bank Details: OCBC
UEN: T13CS0001B